150 Trees planted at White Rock Lake

On November 15th over 150 brave volunteers gathered at Norbuck Park in White Rock Lake Park to plant a tree for every person. Tree species included all native trees such as Chinkapin oak, Linden, Sycamore, Pecan, and Burr Oak. This event was coordinated by For the Love of the Lake, Citizen Foresters, and the City of Dallas Parks Department. Besides the at large volunteers there were several groups that attended including but not limited to the Citizen Foresters who helped with the sign in and directed the volunteers on how to properly plant a tree. Most importantly to not plant the tree too deep. It is critical for the root flare at the bottom of the tree to be above the soil line. When you plant your trees in the future if you do nothing else besides that you will have gone a long way towards a having a long lived and healthy tree. However there are other issues also. Like cutting the roots that are circling inside the pot and watering the tree in after planting to get did of air pockets. Other groups helping with the planting included Trees Please, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Family Church, For the Love of the Lake, and Harmony school. The city requires that each tree be irrigated after the planting. The cost of the irrigation was provided by For the Love of the lake’s Celebration tree grove donations. Got to Http://www.WhiteRockLake.org to learn more about FTLOTL and the various programs that benefit White Rock Lake.


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