Celebration Tree Grove: Planting Project

White Rock Lake - For the Love of the Lake
The whole crew at Celebration Tree Grove.

We at For the Love of the Lake want to thank the 12 brave volunteers who showed up at 9:00 am to plant 13 trees at the Celebration Tree Grove on Saturday, January 19th. The temperatures were in the low 30’s, so they really deserve kudos for their dedication.

Our park supervisors Russell Hooper and Blake Wynn–along with their hard working staff–unloaded the trucks using their heavy equipment on Friday morning before the event. They also dug the holes for us to plant the trees. For this vital participation we want to thank them. Our For the Love of the Lake board participants were President Charlotte Wolf, Treasurer Taylor Cox, CTG committee members Debbie Finger and Janet Burgess, along with myself, Mike Schmitt. Debbie and Janet provided coffee and donuts for the volunteers.

Volunteers who participated were Marci Novak, Pam King, Mauricio Aimo, Michelle Honkomp, Ryan Honkomp, George and Tate Maney.  

White Rock Mike - Celebration Tree Grove
Thanks to our hard-working volunteers!

We planted 6 Bald Cypress, 2 Chinquapin Oaks, 1 Mexican Plumb, 3 Oklahoma Redbuds, and 1 Burr Oak. Most of these trees were 3 to 4 inches in caliper; they were definitely not small trees and everyone had to work hard to get them planted.  The parks department requires that all trees planted at the lake be irrigated for 2 years, so Andy’s Sprinkler Company will accomplish that very soon.  

The goal of the Celebration Tree Grove is to protect, maintain, and plant trees at White Rock Lake. Donors to the Celebration Tree Grove’s funds are used towards that mission. If you are interested in participating to help maintain, plant, and save the trees you can visit our web site at WhiteRockLake.org and find information about the Tree Grove under the Programs tab at the top of the page.

Feel free to contact me at 214-676-4326 if you have any other questions. 

Mike Schmitt

Chairman of the Celebration Tree Grove

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