Romantic Rose Pruning Workshop at the Texas Discovery Gardens – Sat. Feb. 13th

While you’re making your Valentine’s plans, why not considering taking someone special to this lovely rose pruning workshop at the Texas Discovery Gardens, on Saturday, February 13th? Everybody loves a bit of creativity, after all!


The workshop will be led by Dr. Peter Scharr, who will be separating the fact from fiction where it comes to roses and their care. You will learn to prune a rose bush properly, and you can even take one home! The workshop will last from 10AM to noon, and the cost is $25 per person (or $20 per person if you are a member of the Texas Discovery Gardens). You can register in advance here.

Roses have a long history as symbols of romantic love. Ancient Greeks and Romans associated the rich red blooming flower with the goddess of love. Get in touch with the roots of your affections this Valentine’s Day.

The couple that grows together stays together!



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