The Tax Man Cometh

I’m reaching out to you to share a resource I think you will find value in using as you know property tax increases have been a hot issue these past few years.

With home values increasing, we benefit from the increased equity in our investment, but at the same time, property taxes have increased the cost of owning our homes. is a web application I was made aware of by my good friend Jim Goodrich who is an appraiser in the Metroplex. This is a new and inexpensive way to protest your taxes and also to determine if you have a chance of winning a tax protest.

The initial determination of determining if you have a chance of success is free, and then if you hire the company the fees are nominal.

I recommend that you visit this web site if you are considering appealing your property tax values.

As always you are certainly welcome to call me to consult on all real estate matters including your tax assessment.

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